Roulette Strategy: Odds and Payouts


Roulette tables are among the most highly recommended games when it comes to the casino lifestyle. It is named after the French word itself, which means “little wheel”. What makes this particular game most exciting is just how thrilling and random it can be. Nothing builds up hype more than watching the ball spin round and round, eagerly anticipating where it lands. Roulettes have been such an iconic part of gambling that they have even set foot in famous artworks such as George Eliot’s “Gwendolen at the roulette table”. The first thing you need to know is a quick refresher on how this delightful casino game works.

Players will be betting on a singular board full of black and red squares, each of them numbered 1-36. The Roulette wheel itself will have these very same black and red squares with the numbers paced randomly around it. Players will make a bet on either the colour of the square or a specific number itself. The host will then spin the wheel where the ball will roll round and round until the wheel slows down. Once it stops, the ball itself will stop on aboard. If the ball stops on the number or colours the player bet on, he/she wins a payout.

Sometimes the rules can bend a little depending on what variant of Roulette you are playing, limiting the player in different ways depending on what difficulty works best. For example, French Roulette, or even European Roulette has a house number which is number 0. This means that the player cannot place a bet on this number as it belongs to the casino. American style Roulette has both the number 0 and 00, which also act as the house numbers. There is even a variant of Roulette called California Roulette, where the game isn’t played with slot boards at all and is instead replaced with cards.

Now that you know how the game works and its different versions, check well-known strategies that can help give you an edge in the competition:

The first being the Martingale Roulette Strategy. This involves doubling the bets you have made after taking a loss. The main aim here is to recover the losses you have made by making a small profit from winning them back. Say, for example, you made a bet on a number, but you gained a loss. The next bet you make will be double the bet but this time, on a colour. This gives you more chances to win so that you can both recover from the loss and gain a little something extra. It is essentially a safety rope to pull you back up after making risky moves. The key is to go back to making a large bet after you have won the double bet, restarting from scratch to keep making smaller profits as the game goes on. Who knows, you may even win the risky bet.

In contrast to this strategy, there is also the Reverse Martingale Strategy. Instead of raising the bet after you lose, you instead raise them for when you win. You only decrease the bet when you suffer a loss. The goal behind this strategy is also the opposite of the previous one. When you suffer a loss, you make smaller bets to help minimize any losses for the future. If you win, you can try increasing your bet in the hopes of gaining another win. Cash in on winning streaks and play it safe for when you start losing. It’s an affectedly simple strategy used in many different casino games. This can be a good strategy to start with for beginners, but still risky nevertheless.

The D’alembert Strategy is another option for those who wish to suffer minimal damage to their wallets. All it involves is the method of increasing and decreasing your bets by one, instead of straight-up doubling the amount. When you gain a win, increase the bet to the next possible amount. If you lose, decrease it. The final point of stopping is when you have received a total even number of win and losses. That way you can make small victories here and there. The only downside is keeping track of the wins and losses in total.

The last and most popular strategy used by skilled casino players is the James Bond Strategy. Created by the famous character, Ian Fleming, this strategy will always require a minimum amount of $200. The steps are to place $140 on the high numbers, then pace $50 on the numbers 13 to 18. Finally, place $10 on 0 for insurance. Splitting the money up this way provides a high-risk high-profit potential reward. Like the secret agent himself, nothing good comes without a little risk. Spreading the bets like this provides equal chances of at least winning something, but if succeeded, grants a hefty profit instead of a safe prize. If you have what it takes, then test your real skills and become as good as James Bond himself.

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