Playtech Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the most frequently used promotions in an online casino. If used correctly, these bonus campaigns will provide both new and existing members with several benefits. There are many kinds of promotions, and you don’t even need to make a deposit for some. Some campaigns allow you to win free spins for the games of a specific provider, like Playtech. In this review, we will talk about Playtech bonuses and explain what you need to pay attention to when using them.

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Types of Playtech Casino Bonuses

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of bonuses, but the most popular ones are the following:

  1. No Deposit Bonus: This campaign is intended to attract new members. It is a one-time offer, and you only need to complete the registration process to benefit. There is no need to make a deposit, as the name suggests. When you activate your account, you will have a free balance that you can use to play the games. The amount of this balance is usually very low, it is possible to say that it is around 15 USD/EUR. Players may start using their free balances immediately, but they must complete a withdrawal/playthrough requirement if they make a profit.
  2. Welcome Bonus: This campaign is also for new members and can be used only once. However, unlike the no deposit offer, you must make a deposit to be able to use it. The amount of this deposit is usually low and around 10 USD/EUR. As soon as the deposit is completed, your Playtech bonus will be activated. Many different offers are included in the welcome package, but the most common are the match bonus and free spins. You can find detailed information about the match bonus below. The free spins offer can be used on Playtech and other providers’ slot machines. Or, they can be limited to a certain provider. They can be used immediately, but if the player makes a profit, a playthrough requirement must be completed in order to withdraw it. Sometimes there is no such requirement, but in this case, free spins are limited to a small amount, so you cannot win big prizes.
  3. Loyalty Rewards: The bonuses under this category address existing members and can be used multiple times. The most well-known example is the reload bonuses. As long as players continue to deposit money, they can win a match bonus each time. It is also possible to receive personalized offers. Most UK online casinos have a VIP club and offer personalized Playtech bonuses to club members. You must be a former member to benefit from the loyalty awards.

Best Playtech Casino Bonuses & Their Terms and Conditions

In casinos that prefer Playtech as a provider, you can also find the following bonus offers.

  • Match Bonus This bonus is usually offered within the welcome bonus. As the name suggests, the player’s deposit amount is matched by the casino to a certain percentage. This rate is usually 100%. For example, if you deposit 50 USD/EUR, the casino will match it 100% and deposit an additional 50 USD/EUR in your account. So you play with a balance of 100 USD/EUR in total. The bonus obtained in such offers cannot be used immediately, a withdrawal requirement must be completed first. Once the bonus balance has been unlocked, it is possible to use it in any game. In fact, you can even use it in live casino games.
  • Cash Back Bonus. This is a special type of promotion and allows you to receive a refund of a certain percentage of the money you lost over a period of time. This rate usually does not exceed 20%. In order to be able to withdraw the refunded money, you may need to complete a playthrough requirement again. Loyal members are generally more likely to receive bigger refunds via payment methods.
  • High Roller Bonus. High-roller players are members who play with high stakes. They bet thousands of USD/EUR at once and play “big”. Casinos have special offers for such members. These are the bonuses we have listed above, but their rates or amounts are much higher. For example, while a standard member’s match rate is 100%, for a high-roller member, this rate can be as high as 400%.

In this context, the free spins offer we mentioned above can be limited to pre-selected games of a single provider. So, for example, if you win 100 free spins, you may be allowed to use them only on Playtech slots. Some bonuses can be arranged specifically for providers. To learn more about this type of terms & conditions, read below.

Popular Questions About Playtech Casino Bonus

What is a withdrawal requirement and how can I complete it?

Simply put, a withdrawal requirement defines the amount of wagering you need to reach in order to use/withdraw your wins. It always has a multiplier rate, for example, 20x. Let’s say you won 250 USD from the welcome bonus and the required rate is 20x. This means you need to wager a total of 5.000 USD to be able to use/withdraw 250 USD first (20 x 250). Note that depositing money is not enough, you need to “spend” 5.000 USD by playing Playtech games. Only then you are allowed to withdraw your bonuses.

Until this requirement is complete, the casino may put additional restrictions on your account. For example, you may not be allowed to make a withdrawal at all. (Note that this does not apply to jackpot winnings.) Or, if you make a withdrawal before completing the requirement, the bonus will be cancelled. Always read the terms & conditions of a bonus offer to learn the rate of withdrawal requirement.

Is there an exclusive bonus for Playtech games?

Yes, there are specific bonus campaigns for Playtech games, especially if the casino management is using Playtech software to manage member accounts. Playtech also develops management software, and this software can offer personalized bonuses to each player, no matter what their membership history is.

For example, you can get a special reward on your birthday – the software remembers what your birth date is and sends you a unique offer that day. Or, it can offer an exclusive bonus to members who surpassed a certain weekly deposit limit. Sometimes, the casino itself may organize an exclusive bonus for Playtech games, i.e. offering hundreds of free spins which can be used only on Playtech slots.

Are there any bonuses that do not have a withdrawal requirement?

No. No matter who the provider is, there is no such thing as “completely free bonus”. Casinos are businesses too, and no business can survive by giving things completely for free. There will always be a withdrawal requirement.

You can use your mobile devices to benefit from these bonuses too. In fact, some casinos make exclusive bonus offers to mobile users. No matter which device you choose, it is possible to get the best gambling experience by using these offers wisely.

To get a secure, fair, and enjoyable gaming experience, we highly recommend preferring the offers of the casinos we recommend. You can find a list of these online casinos on our website. Do not forget to visit us often, we regularly update our lists and always offer you the latest bonuses.

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