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Casino video poker is a variation of poker that is computerised. This means that video poker games can either be enjoyed online or in offline casinos. While the online game is played on PC’s, smartphones, and tablets, the offline ones are enjoyed using physical machines that have the settings programmed into them.

Playing Playtech poker games is relatively easy, considering that the gaming procedures are usually pre-programmed. All that a gamer needs to do is follow the steps that the software avails, and they are good to go. However, it is essential to know the general game rules that enable one to know the meaning of the hands and what to do if one receives cards that almost create a winning combination. Read this video poker review for these and more details.

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is usually available for free and real money gaming on the internet in most casinos. The demo version comes programmed with free credits that allow the gambler to play it without paying. The second, on the other hand, requires each player to pay for it before they can engage.

After depositing for the set, players have to adjust the amount they want to spend in each round. The game will then deal the gambler five cards. The aim of playing this set is to find cards with the highest values. These cards ought to form specific combinations that are known as hands. There are high, medium, and low-paying hands. Players receive some funds if they are successful in gaining a hand. If the cards dealt are not appealing, one can drop them and get better ones. However, players can also retain some cards that almost form a hand and hope to get the missing one to complete the formation.

Video Poker Hands

One has to gain a hand during a game for them to receive winnings. The hands that are essential in a video poker match include:

  1. Royal Flush – It consists of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and the Ten. These have to be of the same suit;
  2. Straight Flush – These cards ought to be in chronological order and of the same suit;
  3. Four of a Kind – These are four similar cards;
  4. Full House – Three similar cards and a pair of same cards make up this hand;
  5. Flush – These are five cards of the same suit. They do not have to be chronological;
  6. Straight – These have to be arranged in chronological order, but they need not be of the same suit;
  7. Three of a Kind – Three cards in this sequence have to be of the same rank;
  8. Two Pair – Two different sets of pairs are the primary components of this hand;
  9. A Pair – This formation only has a pair of similar cards. Other cards do not resemble one another.

These hands are arranged in order from the highest paying to the least. In case one does not garner any of them, the card with the highest value in the formation pays.

Top-Rated Playtech Video Poker

Playtech is among the leading gaming companies available online. Video poker is one of the games it creates. Some of the top-rated versions of this game produced by the entity include:

  • All American. This Jacks or Better-based game has a regular variation and a jackpot option that is activated when one engages all five coins. The least coin size is 0.05 while the highest is 25. Thus, the game can be considered to be a flexible one in regards to bankrolls. Up to 4,000 coins can be won by the player who garners the Royal Flush hand when playing for the jackpot. The paytable tends to favour the first three hands by availing winnings that are eight times higher than other Jacks or Better games. The game also has a gamble feature.
  • Jacks or Better. The primary aim of this game is to find a hand that is better than the Jacks. The set follows the standard rules of Jacks or Better games. One can gamble half or all of their winnings in every round.
  • Aces and Faces. The gamble feature is the most significant aspect of this game. One can either gamble all or half of their winnings. Members who would rather not play this round can ignore the option and collect their funds. Unlike other Video poker variations, the wins in this one are activated by cards that have the faces. These are Aces, King, Queen, and Jacks.
  • Tens or Better. The least paying hand in this variation is a pair of tens. Other hands remain constant.
  • Deuces Wild. Comparing to the Royal Flush, Four Deuces give the second highest payout. Three of a Kind give the least attractive win. Two Pairs and a Pair do not count in this version.

More video poker variations by this company like Joker Poker are available on the internet. Finding a good casino to bet it will ensure the player enjoys these table games.

Playtech Mobile Video Poker

Mobile casinos have taken a front seat in the online gaming realm. Playtech avails portable play options, which allow members to gamble on the go. The features, payouts, and bonus items are the same as in PC gaming. One can access these games via html5 or download options. The most favoured mobile operating systems are Android and iOS.

Top Online Playtech Casinos

Even with several internet casinos availing Playtech sets, a few seem to top the list of best sites powered by this entity. They are:

  • BGO CasinoBGO is dedicated to serving gamblers living in the UK. One can engage in practice play or real money gambling on their phone or desktop machine in BGO online casino.
  • LeoVegasPlayers are allowed to try the free gaming version without creating an account at LeoVegas online. However, betting for cash needs them to set up an account as a legal requirement.
  • Green Casino. While mobile gaming is available here, Android users are favoured the most. Over 300 casino games including video poker are available to persons who use this playing option.
  • Europa CasinoTable games and slot machines are available in this web casino. One can also make use of the bonuses to play their best Playtech video poker. Sadly, free gambling is not an option on this site.
  • Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes seems to be interested only in UK customers. But, players from other unrestricted regions can also join in the fun. One can enjoy both software-controlled and live games at Ladbrokes.

Aside from the casinos mentioned above, others that offer Playtech video poker are available online.

Video Poker Winning Tips

The key thing to know when playing video poker is the hands. It is easier to figure out which cards to discard and which ones to keep when one has this knowledge. Getting rid of cards that do not add value to the combination is essential for one to attain success in this game.


Video poker is among the most played card games on the internet. Rookies can take advantage of the free versions to practice for real money gaming. One can play the progressive or fixed jackpots for a chance to gain the top prizes.