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What Are Casino Mini-Games in General?

A mini-game is a smaller and simplified version of an original version. One advantage of the mini-games is that they have simple gameplay, and are easy to learn especially if a player seeks instant results. Even though there is a higher likelihood of winning while playing these mini-games in online casino site, you should always be aware that the house has a greater edge in the games and it requires you to have outstanding skills for you to bank considerable winnings. One of the most successful developers of these game is Playtech casino provider.

Why Are Playtech Mini-Games the Best?

Here is a list of the benefits that Playtech mini-games offer that makes the software developers’ mini-games the best over others.

  1. They have a high theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage. Games such as Dice Twisters has an RTP of 97.22%, while that of Pop Bingo stands at 97.22%.
  2. They are fast. It is possible to enjoy these short games within a short period, be it during the study or work breaks. Therefore you can have fun without consuming much of your time. On the same note, since they require relatively smaller memory capacity in electronic devices, there is a higher efficiency while the gameplay loads in any device where it has been downloaded.
  3. Playtech mini-games are much better than mini-games that used to exist a while back. Most people are against mini-games because they compare with the poor game quality of those which were produced years back. However, developers such as Playtech have made impressive strides in coming up with the mini-games, that are rivalling the full versions.
  4. They have a social aspect. With technological advancement, it has become possible to play and compete with friends who have similar games. As a result, social interaction is reinforced to a whole new level, more so for players.
  5. Some of them can be played for free. One advantage of mini-games is that they can be played without having to pay for a monthly subscription. It is beneficial especially in these tough economic times, and more so, if you are not particularly into monthly games subscription.
  6. Playing these slots is an excellent way to familiarise with gameplay before signing up for the full version. Essentially, a mini-game is a simplified version of the original version. If you find that a full version is rather complicated, you can choose to learn through the ropes using a mini-game.

Top Online Casinos Where You Can Play Playtech Mini Games


LeoVegas is an online mobile gaming provider in Sweden. The company prides itself in receiving many international gaming awards in online casino and sport betting to the international markets. It is known for its huge welcome bonus for new players which amount to 700 euros. Additionally, the management ensures that the portal has the latest game updates regularly and rapid withdrawals. Some of the top games in LeoVegas include House of Doom, Ted, The golden Owl and Tiger’s claws.

BGO Casino

BGO is a UK top rated online casino that has a huge client base globally. It has many games from developers such as Playtech, NetEnt, Eyecon, and many others. The fact that a player can make up to 10 withdrawals in a single day gives it an edge over many other online casinos. It is also noteworthy that it has an affiliate program known as BGO Buddies. It features:

  • Instant plays;
  • Large game selection from many developers;
  • Live gaming;
  • Live chat with support;
  • Payments are secured with SSL encryption.

Winner Casino

Winner casino has over 300 games to offer from top-tier software developers. The online casino has a mobile application which is compatible with all mobile phones, be it Windows, Android or iOS. This mobile support enables players to enjoy the games while on the move. It has a withdrawal limit of $9,000 per month. Some of its affiliate programs include NetHive affiliates.

Despite being a reputable online casino, it has received its fair share of criticisms and complaints from online users. The allegations against the company include:

  • They have massive unresolved complaints from its members;
  • Unjustified confiscation of winnings;
  • Delayed payments, and at times complete non-payments;
  • Their support is uncooperative.

Europa Casino

Since its launch, Europa casino took online by storm. The company is powered by Playtech, a software developer that ensures that there is a wide game variety with alluring graphics such as roulettes and poker. Many bonuses are offered to new members, while regular members receive weekly and monthly bonuses. Some of its intriguing features include:

  • $2,400 welcome bonus for new members;
  • Bonuses on every deposit;
  • 100+ Playtech games;
  • Has both Downloadable and flash play options.

Nonetheless, one of the limitations of the casino is that it does not accommodate US players. Additionally, the download options are available on PC’s only. According to several players’ reviews, their average complaint response time is 6 days.


Before the creation of LadBrokes online casino, it existed as part of LadBrokes Coral Group, which was a British based ground casino. The online casino has been in existence for 18 years and prides itself of having constant updates and new gaming options being added each day. It offers over 500 slot games from top developers such as Playtech and Blueprint gaming. Most of its slots have a demo mode where you can have free play. Alternatively, you can play with real cash. It has an impressive withdrawal limit of 250,000 UK pounds per day. Its affiliate program is known as LadBrokes Partners.

LadBrokes Perks:

  • Multi-language support;
  • Instant withdrawals;
  • 500+ games;
  • Live chat with support.

Tips on How to Win in Mini Games

To improve the chances of winning in a mini-game, the following tips can help boost your winnings.

Free VIP bonuses

For frequent players, you can take advantage of perks awarded to regular gamblers. They include cash backs and loyalty gifts. However, you must first enrol in the VIP program to enjoy these benefits.

Research on the Jackpots

Since it is purely a game of chance, it won’t hurt to dig deeper to learn about the jackpots and possibly identify the winning pattern. That way, you will know the right technique to play that will increase your chances of winning.

Play More, Spend Less

It is important to spread your money such that you get many spins. It will prolong your session and make it more enjoyable. Additionally, since you will be playing more number of times, your probability of winning increases. However, if you place bigger stakes, you will inevitably run out of money.

Take Regular Breaks

While it is agreeable that the more you play, the higher your chances of winning, there is a limit to that. Avid players are aware that taking breaks from time to time is important as it helps you to have a better focus and strategy when you resume.

Avoid Baseless Superstitions

There are many superstitions that revolve around gambling. Most of them vary depending on the culture or the region where the players are. Even though some people have been successful basing their luck on sheer superstations, it is worth noting that they do not guarantee any measurable degree of success. The earlier you come to terms that casino is a game of science, and success is determined by chance, the greater your chances of winning in subsequent games.

Closing Thoughts

Given a choice to play between a mini-game and its full version, most people would prefer going for the mini-game. That is because the gameplay is simple and relatively faster to set up. However, selecting games that have been meticulously developed, such as those developed by Playtech software developers will guarantee a thrilling experience.