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Gamebookers Casino Review 2020

Gamebookers Casino was established in the year 2000 and licensed by Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and UK Gambling Commission. They have been in business for about 18 years now which from a professional point of view would be regarded as a company that's worth placing that mind-blowing stake on without fear of lack of returns after a win.

Gamebookers Casino games run on Playtech software, which helps boost the confidence of most gamblers before joining because of the reputation it has earned based on its credibility over the years. Although Gamebookers gained most of its reputation from sports betting, that hasn't devalued the games offered in its casinos.

Like most casinos, Gamebookers also has its pros and cons. Even though their welcome offer/bonus is eye-catching and enticing, you should not forget the fact that redeeming those bonus comes with a lot of procedures and processes. Below is a list of some of the popular pros and cons of Gamebookers Casino.


  • Some of their games offer 10% cash back if no win is accumulated by a gambler after spending up to £50 during the day.
  • Gamebookers site can be translated into 10 different languages.
  • Gamebookers Casino offers a variety of options to withdraw or deposit.
  • It offers a large variety of games.


  • Progressive jackpot can't be withdrawn.
  • It earned its brand name from sports betting not from their casino.

Bonuses and Promotions

Gamebookers Casino has never been known for any shortage of bonuses and promotions on its path. They are currently running a five hundred thousand free spin to their players if you are to stake over £10 every day for over a period of time, and they are also on a casino happy day bonus parole were by a bonus awaits you at every game not minding if you lose or win.

Gamebookers Casino Games

When it comes to games, Gamebookers has never been in shortage of them. They offer a variety of game options such as:

Jackpot Slots

They have a lot of jackpot slot games like the Red Diamond, Snow Wild and 7 Features, Wild Nords, Sunny Shares, Pizzeria Casino Totem Lightning, Lucky Easter, and Cap, Jack In A Pot, Dragons Luck, Mystery Reels, Mega Moolah, Arcade Bomb, Cash Cruise, Going Nuts, Paws And Fury, Cosmic Fortune, Genie In The Pots, Fortune Charm, Firedrake, Top Cat and lots more. Just log into the site and enjoy the very best of jackpot slot games.

The List of Popular Slots

  • Lion Dance slot game. Lion Dance slot machine includes 3 rows and 5 reels also enabling the 40 betting lines. With the connected tiles world, the thrilling deep stacked world, the mysterious mystery symbol world, and the astonishing mega prized worlds, the gamblers are always left with a magical experience at every spin. You can play a couple of games automatically with the auto spin option.
  • Jack in a Pot slot game. This is a slot game that originates from the Emerald Isle. Its rules are not as complicated as some slot games tend to be. While enjoying the Jack in a Pot slot game, you get to see Leprechauns from the Emerald Isle play, and his famous pot of gold. The most recent release of the slot game consists of seven reels, seven raws and give gamblers the feel of enjoying cluster play. Jack in the Pot slot is very okay for gamblers who are a fan of cascading slot machines.
  • Firedrake slot games. This is a type of slot game that has a large number of symbols. The reel consists of images of dragons, images of knights, and lots of other images. A lot of images in this slot attracts free spins. The firedrake slot has five reels and three row
  • Arcade Bomb slot game. This is a fruit slashing machine with an admirable modern twist. The reels in the Arcade Bomb slots are made of images of different slashed fruit, looking like the typical slot machines. The arcade bomb slot consists of 5 reels and 3 rows.
  • Going Nut slot game. This slot machine consists of three reels and three rows. This slot game does not have any team song or music playing in the background. So all you get is the sound of the slot machine turning and the bell that signifies a win.


Roulette is also a very popular game in the Gamebookers casino. They offer numerous roulette wheels such as The Luck of the Roulette, European roulette, Terminator Roulette, Dragonara, VIP Roulette, American Roulette Classic, 3D American Roulette, Lucky Star, Live Roulette and lots more.

Most roulette players prefer the 36 deck roulette wheel to the 38 deck roulette wheel. And this made the Gamebookers Casino give the gamblers the opportunity of exploring any roulette wheel of their choice by providing both roulette wheels on their platforms.

More Gaming Possibilities

Gamebookers Casino offers a variety of platforms for their casino service such as:

  • Live casino: Gamebookers offers live gambling with other users who are logged in at a particular time to place stakes on the same bet with a real croupier there to deal the cards. In their live casino, gamblers get to enjoy the feel of being in a casino right from his or her computer screen.
  • Mobile casino: Experiencing the thrill of a mobile casino on the Gamebookers platform is as exciting as excitement can get. Because of the kind of thrilling events and experience each of their casino games put in the minds of the gamblers, gamblers refer to their casino site as an added bonus in gambling. All you need to do is to fill the registration form on their website, and you are good to go.
  • Casino: The casino lobby has an enticing platform that entices most gamblers. The casino offers all sort of games and slots. They are fast with payouts and the beautiful aura of gamblers which always fills the air of the casino puts most players in a vibe that might help them walk out from the establishment of a happy man.

Payment Options

The major aim of gamblers is to double their funds by any logical means, which makes the fact that every gambler has high regards for his or her money. Gamebookers Casino made it known that they care for their customer's funds and privacy by creating a lot of systems that support various ways of paying in or withdrawing funds from your account. The following are methods accepted:

  • MasterCard. This is a very popular method of transferring funds into a gambling account. In this method, the gambler logs into his or her account, goes to the deposit column and chose to credit his account with the master card option, then is redirected to a portal in which he or she fills in his or her card details and follow the required process by his or her bank to complete the transaction.
  • Netteller. This is another method of funding your Gamebookers account. When using Netteller to fund your account, you are expected to link up your personal Netteller account with your betting account giving it access to either receive or withdraw funds from your gambling account.
  • Paypal. PayPal account can be used for receiving or sending funds by users. It is an extremely effective platform for those willing to transfer funds online. Gamebookers Casino has provided a PayPal platform for customers to use in withdrawing or transferring funds in or out of the account.
  • Visa. It also makes use of visa cards when trying to fund your account online. The use of a visa card is similar to that of Master card. It all depends on the gamblers bank and the type of card issued.

There are other effective ways of redrawing or depositing funds into your Gamebookers accounts such as maestro, and bank transfers. Some countries are allowed to use platforms like la Caixa, Moneta, and przelewy24.

Customer Service

10 different languages are at the disposal of the customer care in Gamebookers Casino. Their mobile casino, live casino, and the main casino, always have the customer care service on call 24/7. The customer care speaks languages like English, French, German, Greek, Swedish Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian and Romanian.

Gamebookers has always made their customers a priority. They have working customer service with tips, guidelines, and rules on how to make the best of every stake made by the gambler. Their live chat service is one of the best you would find when it comes to a gambling site. They are online 24/7, helping gamblers understand all the intriguing tricks and rules in the casino.

The Versatility of Gamebookers Casino

Gamebookers Casino has its vast root in a huge part of the world. With its unique features of gambling and the services it offers, little wonder would be given to how it made such massive growth in the competitive world of casinos and sports betting.

The list of countries in which the bookmaker's casino fans are is numerous to mention, so we will rather mention the countries that are restricted to. The restricted countries are Australia, the US, Poland, US Pacific Islands, US Virgin Islands, and the minor outlying islands.


The United Kingdom-based casino offers a variety of language such as English, French, Greek, German, Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Italian and Spanish to its customers. On all three platforms, they have a customer care service on all 10 languages. So if you were thinking of walking into a Gamebookers Casino but are scared, you might not understand a word, I would say not too worry because the variety of language they offer would lessen that hassle.


The official currency is Pound Sterling. Their casinos, sites and live casinos make use of pounds in finalizing all transaction. You can credit your account with any currency, but when the money reflects on the platform, it is instantly converted to pounds. It is a United Kingdom licensed casino, so it enjoys the benefit of running its casino and site with their currency.

Mobile Support

The Gamebookers sites are friendly to smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. It provides a unique platform for each user depending on the device being used to access the site. That is someone with an old mobile accesses the site differently from someone with a new mobile.

For those who are thinking of getting into the gambling business with their mobile serving as the casino, mobile support shouldn't be a cause of concern because the Gamebookers casino offers mobile users live chat support and the regular email/phone call support.


One of the core attributes of professional gamblers is the endless attention they give to the casino they make use of. Every detail is important to them no matter how small or how void it might seem, it always has an added input to determining the success of their games.

So after taking all facts into consideration as to if Gamebookers Casino is worth your interest and money, I would say give it a shot, try out their slot games, roulette or instant win, for I am sure it would be worth your time and money. Good Luck!

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