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Darts is a famous game known by the masses. However, few know that it is playable online. Even fewer know that they can play it in a casino, courtesy of Playtech software. It is one of the games that support the free trial. You do not even need an account to start playing on the spot. However, for real play, you need to create an account for cash deposit purposes. Playing it on your mobile does not differ much from the PC version.

Underlying Concept

Basically, the idea is wagering on where the three randomly thrown shafts land. One can even bet on multiple locations, increasing the win probability. That alone makes it one of the best interesting and unique games available. Not many allow multiple bets, and that sometimes works against new players. Here they have more than enough chances to make it. Now, to the playing steps.

Darts Gameplay

The player starts by making bets as follows.

  • Single – a guess on how many of the three will land on single zones;
  • Double – a guess on the number of shafts that will hit double zones;
  • Treble – just like the rest, guessing which of the three lands on treble zones;
  • Outer bull – guessing how many among the three hit the outer circle around the Bull’s eye;
  • Inner bull – gambling on whether any of the darts will hit the Bull’s eye;
  • Lo/Mid/Hi – guessing if the sum of the three shafts will be in the low, medium, or high range. The low range is 3-38, the medium is 39-41, and high is 42-180;
  • 1-20 singles – estimating where the darts hit in the 20 sections.

Bonuses and Prizes

Unfortunately, the slot has very few bonuses, if any. Maybe due to the fact that it allows multiple bets. Hence, there is nothing much other than placing the wagers as indicated above. After that, all that remains is letting the shafts go. Prizes are informed by the probability of something happening as in the real game. For instance, it would be quite hard, the low probability to hit the Bull’s eye in a real game. Thus, such an occurrence has a high payout. Those occurrences with higher probabilities have lesser payouts. In extremely unlikely happenings such as hitting the Bull’s eye three times in a row, a progressive jackpot is up for grabs.

Any Tricks?

Play Darts online for your own enjoyment. For those wagering, you are probably wondering to yourself whether it is all about luck. Well, luck has a major role to play. Nonetheless, betting wisely could lead to many wins, which when added up amount to grand cashouts. For example, why not wager on highly-likely setups several times?

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