Blackjack Strategy: Splitting and Doubling Down


More commonly known as the game, Twenty-One, Blackjack is a particular favourite game when it comes to the gambling scene. It’s simple, easy to learn, and something that can be brought to any party. To get started before you hear the strategies, here is a breakdown of the rules.

One player acts as the dealer of the game. They hand out two cards to every person who is playing. They then get another card given to them for every turn, including the dealer. All these players will be competing against the dealer in an aim to gain a total number of 21 with the cards they have been given. If they can reach up to 21, or at least higher than the dealer, without going over 21, then they win the game. You can also win by letting the dealer go over 21 as well, known as “Busted”. If the player actually manages to score 21 with just the two cards they have first, they will win instantly. This is referred to as “Blackjack”.

As well as “Blackjack” and “Busted”, there are other terminologies to be more accustomed to. For example, an Ace card can mean a one or an 11. If it is valued as 11, the hand itself will be called a “soft”. If not, then your hand is referred to as “hard”. This will determine how likely it is for a hand to bust. If soft, then your safe for now to draw another card. If it is hard, then you may want to stand down. If the player and the dealer both have the same value by the end of the game, then this is called a “push”. The player neither wins nor loses any money. Other terms are used in-game to set deal out instructions. “Hit” means deal another card. “Stand” means ending your turn. Double means doubling your wager, taking another card and then ending your turn. Split refers to two cards having the same value, in which you can split them into two different hands. Surrender simply means giving up on the game with half your bet.

So, now that you are more accustomed to the rules and the objectives of the game, here are some helpful tips to become a real pro.

For starters, getting acquainted with the soft and hard system can give you a good insight into whether it is safe to hit another card. That being said, doubling down on a hard 11 may not be a bad move. After all, odds are most of the cards will be a lower value than the one you are given, so it is more likely for you to get closer to 21 in just one move without busting. Doubling the bet will mean that you can earn a lot of profit from this last chance manoeuvre.

Splitting cards is a tricky manoeuvre, and it can be difficult to determine how to use this move effectively and when to use altogether. To explain in more detail, the second hand that gets made is put away for a different bet, giving you two hands to work in the hopes of winning. Although that means both hands have a chance of losing as well. From first glance, it is pointless for lower value cards since it won’t bring the value up much. On the other hand, it can be a very risky move for higher value cards since there is a more likely chance of busting. There is also the fear of losing more money now that you have two separate bets made. The key to surviving a split manoeuvre is by creating a safe middle option. 8s are a good start to split, as they can give you more flexibility when hitting. Not to mention an Ace which is also a great move. This can give you more options whether you want to play it safe with a 1 value or get ahead in the game with an 11.

Another key element is to pay attention to the cards of the dealer. You must either reach as close to his value as possible or play it safe when his cards are reaching towards a bust. If the dealer busts, nobody really wins much, and you can gain another try with minimal losses. Even just one card from the dealer can let you see out how exactly the rest of the game goes down. A primary and commonly known play that relates to this is when the player has a value of ten and the dealer has an upcard of 9. If that is the case, then always double down on 10. You will reach a safe value while letting your dealer either struggle to catch up or end up busting.

All in all, becoming more accustomed to the rules of doubling and splitting are the vital components of a strong blackjack player. They may be confusing at first, but always take into account every facet of the game, so that you can take advantage of all these points.

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