8 Helpful Tips When Playing Slot Machines

A lot of literature has gone into various ways to beat the slot machines and win big cash. However, it’s far from any guarantee that all that stuff really works. The truth is, no casino house sits around waiting for you to walk in a pauper and come out a high-ranking member of the millionaires club. What we’re saying is that the bulk of slot pieces of advice you’ll find out there present things in a much easier way and will not subject you to the cold reality on the ground.

It’s not easy to beat the slots, but you certainly can if you approached the little chance with a good strategy. We went separating the wheat from the chaff and compiled a list of slot machine tips and strategies that are more about increasing your chances of winning as well as saving you the otherwise looming losses. Give yourself an advantage following these tips and make the most out of your visit to online platforms.

Line Up for the Free Stuff

With the stiff competition for players that casino houses are facing today, casino operators have to design a lot of extras trying to outdo each other and draw in players. Tons of free stuff, therefore, await when you go looking in the right places. 

Your first smart move is to seek membership with casino clubs- loyalty clubs, reward clubs, and player’s clubs. It costs nothing more than a few clicks to get started. This happens to be the only way casino houses can track and reward their players. There are things like loyalty points which can be exchanged for money upon hitting a certain threshold. They become really enticing in high dollar games or when placing larger wagers on your spins.

Find the Best Bonuses

It’s not enough to take advantage of the competing casinos and stop at the first bonus offer you’ll find. Bonuses and perks vary along with online gambling laws across different states and countries. Some bonus offers will better multiply your bankroll than others. Delve deeper into considerations such as wagering requirements which stipulate how much you have to bet before your winnings on bonuses become withdrawable. Bonuses with less wagering requirements can significantly swing the advantage your way regarding bonus winnings cashout.

Also noteworthy is a maximum cashout requirement. It’s essential to find the bonus offers that lift the limit placed on the amount withdrawable as accrued by your bonus.    

Go Random- Avoid Progressives

You’ll probably choose to play progressive slots thanks to those life-changing payouts they promise. While this has some truth to it, progressive jackpot slots are designed to stretch your dry play until they attain a mega jackpot as promised. How else would casino operators raise money to finance huge jackpots if not from the gamblers’ end?

Far be it your long bankroll odds risky contests is you’re looking to make it last. You’ll keep contributing a piece of your wager to the progressive jackpot until there is as much money to ascend someone from wherever to a seat of glory. There is only one in a million chance that this someone is you. We, however, don’t want to be the bad guys here in case you want to take your chances.

Bet the Wise Way

Any slot machine will allow you to determine how much to wager on each spin by way of denomination and the various units you can wager every round. Larger bets grant you access to more lucrative prizes and valuable bonus games. For instance, you’ll find a 30 pay lines slot which only rewards maximum payouts and valuable jackpot prizes to players placing a max wager that features all the 30 pay lines.

You want to skip the frustration of landing a winning combo with symbols that lead to a huge jackpot with only one or two active pay lines. Thus, ensure you bet max on every spin as the smart money would advise.

Complicated Slots Complicate Your Chances

Slots with intriguing bonus games, impressive soundtracks and animations, and progressive jackpots supply a great deal of entertainment. They also require a fat bankroll since they tend to come with the longest odds as well as higher per-spin costs. However, if you’re out to make the most out of slots while saving every penny, then the games such as the 3 reels classics make a good fit. These have been described as boring games from the fun perspective, but only you know better when it comes to game odds.

Play Free Slots First

Do not stop by any random slot and let loose your bankroll. First, identify a slot machine that you’re interested in and test it out in a free play. This way, you have the opportunity to fit in the slot tips you’ve learned, practised, and put a strategy in place before proceeding to play for real money. Free to play demo versions are available for almost every slot at each of the casinos online. Don’t spend any more time and money on slot machines you don’t enjoy.

Know Your Limits

Win and loss limits are hard to keep sometimes. Chasing losses or simply the desire to gamble on get too overwhelming to notice a worsening depression on your bankroll. If it helps, have a friend in your company to reinforce your commitments as far as win and loss limits can get. Look at it as not nagging about your bank balance but a pure desire for an entertaining gambling session. Your finances will be secure in the end.

Choose the Lowest Denomination 

With this trick, we have your bankroll in mind. This is especially handy if you’re a beginner on real money casino platforms. Many online newbies tend to go for £1 slots perhaps because this is the one round number they understand. However, a £1 slot is not what you’ll go for on a limited budget.

We recommend picking the cheapest denomination slot, which still carries your interest. That said, there is no promise for life-changing wins when you play penny slots, but the risk of loss is substantially reduced. Of course, seasoned pros in the high-rolling class will not go down this road since theirs is the exact opposite principle. All there is about coin denomination is establishing your comfort zone.


What we provide above is nothing that prints consistent winning at slot machines on your casino experience. The can’t-lose slot tactics taking up all the internet space are nothing but empty promises. Truth be told that slot machines are designed to return profits to operators and by no means can we meaningfully change anything in that direction. Our slot machine tips focus on making better your chances to win and keeping you away from losses that might otherwise drain your finances.


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